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Star tattoos are hot and getting more popular all the time. In fact they are a huge phenomena within tattoo circles. There are a number of reasons that they are so popular. They are beautiful and make great tattoo designs often with a deeper and rich symbolic meaning behind them.

However Cheap Minnesota Twins Jersey , do not get up and run out to get a star tattoo design just yet. In fact if you have not thought about getting one before reading this article then I would suggest you wait at least six months before making the final decision. You should never choose a tattoo because it is popular or hot at the time. Years latter the reasons of what was popular will be gone and you will still have the tattoo. Instead try to find a tattoo design that reveals something about the inner you and something that is meaningful and important. This will ensure you enjoy your tattoo for the rest of your life.

So why are star tattoo designs so amazingly popular? There are probably a wide variety of reasons and here are some of the things that customers have told us.

First of all they are unisex in design meaning that both girls and guys can get star tattoos. Really any type of star tattoo works equally well for both sexes. Nautical stars, shooting star it really doesn't matter since stars are general they can be used by both the sexes and look wonderful.

Symbolic Meaning
As with any tattoo that you decide to get often the meaning and symbolism behind it is the most important factor that is what makes a tattoo interesting and apiece of art because the symbolism behind it. Now there is no universal set symbolism or meaning of all star tattoos. People have ascribed their own meanings to their tattoos. However, if you think about the cycle of a star and the life of a star there are many connections and symbolism that can be drawn from this. For example a star is a bright ball of fire that lives its life to the fullest and then burns out. So often star tattoos represent living life to the fullest sort of a fast and hard. They are also objects of great beauty and therefore make a wonderful symbol.

Variety Of Colors
Another reason these make such great tattoos is the variety of colors and color combinations that can be used inside the star. For example a pink star Cheap New York Mets Jersey , a blue star and a red star all look equally great. So really a star can be any color you choose and still look great!

Inexpensive To Design
Another reason that they are so popular is their size and simplicity make for a very inexpensive tattoo design. Even if you have chosen to get some custom tattoo to incorporate the look and style of your tattoo the expense is going to be much less then for other tattoos.

Easily Sized
Stars are great because they can be done in a variety of different sizes to fit just about any space on your body. They look great on the shoulder and upper back but also can be resized to work on a small area like an ankle or foot. Stars look great in just about any size.

There is also a large variety of different star types to chose from. For example there is the historic nautical star tattoo that was an important good luck symbol to sailors. There are shooting stars, and star and moon clusters just to name a few of the variations. There are really a lot of different options with start between, size Cheap New York Yankees Jersey , color, location and type of star the tattoo can have a very different and original feeling.
Author's Resource Box

Sara Blackstone has been writing about, observing and enjoy tattoos and tattoo culture for the last 10 years. Check out this page if you are interesting in finding out more about Shooting Star Tattoos Also you might be interested in Fairy Tattoos

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